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Murkrow, Mew, and Shinies

Hey everyone. :) (I've been posting quite often recently xD)

I'll make it quick: There are three things in this post.

First, here's a little get. :)


This is my Murkrow TFG figure I got from the GA hosted by Jen ^^
Love him :) My bird collection is growing slowely xD I now have the Xatu plush (how sad to call it THE Xatu plush!), Natu Kid figure, Hoothoot Banpresto and this precious bird. <3

Second thing: SHINIEEEEES!

First off, I started trying to get shinies in Pokemon X! :D
I only started yesterday and wanted to get into the experience a bit first, so I decided on chain fishing since this is the easiest method. ^^
I know that this is not so special, but here's my first shiny :) (I know the color is off a bit, but that's my camera :()


I wanted a Horsea, and I was so afraid that I'd get a shiny Clauncher xD I don't hate Clauncher or something, but he kept appearing all the time, and I was so happy I found a shiny Horsea in the end :) Isn't she cute? ^_^

Now, I am trying to get a shiny Gastly with the Masuda Method o___o
Any experiences with the Masuda Method? Is there something who got a shiny Gastly/Haunter/Gengar, and how did you get it?
I don't have the Pokeradar yet since I haven't beat the game yet. ^^

Third thing: MEW
Is there any way to get a Mew on the new Pokemon games? :o
I'd love to get a Mew... What do people normally expect in return for a Mew?
Unfortunately, I don't have any good Pokemon to offer yet besides Cresselia someone traded to me :/ But I might have some in the future!
It's pretty difficult for me since I don't  have any of the previous "newer" games like Black and White or something. I don't know how all this functions, this is pretty new to me.
If anyone has a Mew or knows how to best get it, any help is appreciated :)

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