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Trade with me?

Hello everyone! I am after a few of my wishies: Preferably a Mega-Ampharos Plush OR Eevee Pokedoll Togekiss Pokedoll.
But if I cannot find them I am also seeking other items (Mostly Kids, plushies, and other items) they will be located on my weebly account.

I am trading ALL Eevee plushies including the Zukan for the Mega-Ampharos plush or a Minky Eevee pokedoll. Just let me know; They can have tush-tags -I am fine by that! :3

Here are my other wants:
-Spheal Hasbro plush
-Poochyena Hasbro plush
-Corphish pokedoll
-Pokemon Center Togepi 4" 2009 Plush (I want the hang-tag)
-Tyrunt plush
-D/P Pokedex book with anime-style art
-Pokemon: HeartGold game (I just want the game to be perfect)

My trades and here is my Wishies: My Wishies
Tags: eevee, wants

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