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Updated Sales! Pogs and Flats Galore!

Hey everyone! I've updated my sales with all of my pogs for G/S series and some TCG lots that include EX's, rares, and legendary holos! And I still have LOTS of rare Advanced Generation Topps! Please come take a look!
^ -^

-Feedback can be found here:
-I was given sales permission on 3/23/2014 by allinia
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees!
-I accept Paypal only :)
-I ship from Washington and am not yet comfortable with shipping internationally :(
-Please allow me 1-2 weeks to ship, I have a lot of after school activities and will only be able to reach the post office on weekends and some Fridays!
-I'm not responsible for any damaged/lost items once they are in the hands of the post office!
-Those who commit to an item first have priority over it, asking for a quote is not committing. Terminology such as: "I will take", "I will have", and "Committing to" are the only terms I'll accept as committing. Otherwise I will read it as an inquiry and someone else may get priority over you. This is to avoid confusion and make things easier for everyone!
-Once you've committed to an item please pay within 48 hours, if I have not received payment after this time period please contact me or the item will be put back up for sale!
-Reasonable haggling is a-okay!
-Items come from a smoke free home!
-I have two dogs. If you have allergies and are interested in an item I will do my best to clean it up!
-I will do holds for 48 hours if you are absolutely committed :)
-I will let you know when your item is shipped! Please let me know when you receive! This is also when I will leave feedback :) (Unless you're in need of feedback in which case I will do so after payment is received)

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping up to 20 card sized flats in an envelope starts at .75, to add a cardboard backing to your items would raise shipping up to $2 because it would be too thick for our Post Office to consider it a flat :(

Buying evo lines will get you a discount! :)
photo2 (2)
Kanto Pink Pogs: .50 each
Sold: Vulpix, Abra

photo3 (1)
Kanto Green Pogs: .75 each
Sold: Kadabra

Kanto Blue Pogs: $1 each
Sold: Ninetails

Johto Pink Pogs: .50 each
(Except for Chikorita - free with purchase because of damage)
Sold: Totodile, Dunsparce, Larvitar, Teddiursa

Johto Green Pogs: .75 each
Sold: Octillery, Girafarig

Johto Blue Pogs: $1 each
Sold: Sneasel, Scizor

Final Evo Red Pogs: $1.50 each (except for Raichu and Charizard - free due to damage)
Sold: Alakazam

Baby Pokemon Pogs: .50 each
Sold: Cleffa

Gym Leader Pogs:
Bugsy/Scyther, Pryce/Piloswine, Mystery Trainer/Blastoise: .75 each
Jasmine/Steelix: $1
Claire/Kingdra: $1.50
Legendary Pogs: $1.50 each or 3 for $2.50

Lot of 20 Trainer Cards: $5

Lot of 10 rares/Dark Pokemon/Gym Leader Pokemon: $7 (note that Muk is holo but in a foreign language - I think German?)

Lot of 12 cards that include - rev holo XY (1 rare), 1 holo rare, 2 ex's: $12

Lot of 8 holo/2 rev holo rares: $8

Each are $2.50 unless otherwise specified
If a whole evo line is available I can offer these prices:
2 line: $3.50
3 line: $4

Sold: Plusle
Salamence and Legendaries: $3 each
Legendaries: $3 each

Holos/Popout cards
All of these guys are holos! Except for the Ralts, Exploud, Swampert, and Sceptile on the bottom row, they are special cutaway cards , and though it's difficult to tell, they are a bit raised from the card ^ -^
Holo: $3
Popout: $3.50

Humans: .50 each
Sold: 1 Team Aqua, 1 Team Rocket

Also, I'm on the hunt for these two clearfiles, if you have them for sale let me know! ^ -^
(Will also do trade/partial trade for them!)
Milotic Meloetta Clearfile
(the one on the right)
Milotic shopper clearfile

and also these Bunnelby things!
I have no idea what these are but those poses on the middle card are just adorable! <3
chocolate wafer seal
This is apparantly a chocolate wafer seal? Really adorable! ^ -^
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