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*Ultimate keyboard smashing*


also now I can finally do an update


 photo 7abcc980-8cfa-44f1-8db3-193ee7ad5c0a_zpsaf38d097.jpg

 photo POKEPUFF002_zpsd0a36271.jpg

Oh look a sweet drawing of a feraligatr! So theres probably a gatr inside right?

Well it is blueee

 photo POKEPUFF003_zpsfa633b3a.jpg

Surprise!!!! (OR probably not that surprising.) A CUTE LITTLE SHINY SYLVEON AH

By sugarstitch ;u; I'm SO amazingly happy I got to commission this amazing artist who is AMAZING. Did I say she's amazing, and she made this plushie in the walky style of plush which I love and she did so amazing and I just. I can't even.

Oh and what's that little pink poof?

 photo POKEPUFF008_zps88a05ebc.jpg

*screams into eternity* this was ap resent from her and djsfhjkdsf I jsut can't I love pokepuffs because they're like pokemon world macaron/cupcakes and I'm a baker and I love food and I'm seriously dying right now.

 photo POKEPUFF004_zps8b231091.jpg

So I named the sweetheart pokepuff! Maybe unoriginal BUT I love it and I think it fits and GAH <3

 photo POKEPUFF005_zps32485649.jpg

 photo POKEPUFF006_zps1160d423.jpg

 photo POKEPUFF007_zps2bce9181.jpg

 photo POKEPUFF013_zpsf97928f2.jpg

Best day everrrr ;u;

 photo POKEPUFF014_zpscfb106be.jpg

My shiny sylveosn broin' it up! I forgot my shiny sylveon beanie though argh!

But that brings me to the next part of my update!

 photo tumblrveons007_zpsbdd7ac38.jpg

I got this sweetheart from Folly Lolly a few days ago, actually I was stuck in bed with a horrible stomache flu and that was pretty lame. And this shiny sweetie came to the rescue and cheered me right up >U< Her name is Lindor! <3333

 photo tumblrveons006_zps163f0a6f.jpg

I now have one of each of follylolly's amazing handmade plushies. Her work is to die for ;u; and I'm so lucky.

Also I realize I have a custom problem xD

 photo tumblrveons005_zps941a1106.jpg

Speaking of custom problem! I got this from leiliak another AMAZING custom artist, she's so cute and so well sculpted and gosh >U< <3333 I love sleepy sylveon art especially so to have a handcrafted figure of her sleeping is just wow! Thankyou so much 'u' <33333!!!!!

 photo tumblrveons001_zpsc1ebf853.jpg

I also got this bag that Meringue thinks is her personal cozy spot! It's the Type focus bag and it is SO gorgeous <333

 photo tumblrveons004_zpsc2b8b66c.jpg

 photo tumblrveons003_zps06b0505f.jpg

 photo tumblrveons002_zps0b6f307c.jpg

Won these gems in an auction from someone on the comm! Soooo happy to have them, I have been hunting down the bow and clip set actually, and I had just recently learned about the dice when this bad boy showed up! And it's a lot bigger than I Expected to! Makes me a happy fairy collector >u<

 photo trozeiveon010_zps6cf25b60.jpg

Ahhh! And Trozei gets! :D Hooplah, I love the trozei art for sylveon, so I'm pleased as punch to have gotten all my wants form this promo (besides that dang pillow that no one has ever!)

 photo trozeiveon003_zpsff8be13a.jpg

 photo trozeiveon005_zpsb0218988.jpg

The pencil cases you actually have to fold yourself, I actually also got these when I was sick... so that was interesting watch I'm sure! xD

 photo trozeiveon004_zpsa203ab69.jpg

STickahz and a postcard, lovin' them sylveon flats :D

 photo trozeiveon002_zpsf0070e77.jpg

Ah! So happy to have this, I was worried I wouldn't find one of these, and all for that lil sylveon face >u<

 photo trozeiveon009_zps290d3dca.jpg

Also a gogoat! Because I <3 gogoat >u<

 photo mosylveonsandfinny001_zps97117f39.jpg

Oh! And I found this on ebay! I was bidding on one but the bids got crazy, so then I found this one for 20$
I was worried it might be a double of a different one I had bought, but when it got here it was this one! Lucky day for me <3

 photo mosylveonsandfinny002_zps35211464.jpg

Yay sylveon candy!!! :D

 photo mosylveonsandfinny005_zps2fd30290.jpg

And it comes with a relatively large sticker which is awesome! I love you japanese candy!

 photo mosylveonsandfinny004_zpsf6fefb40.jpg

Sylveon is the one at the verrry bottom <3

 photo sylvyupdate001_zpsbf246101.jpg

S'more gets! These are mostly from a website I like to frequent :D <3

 photo sylvyupdate002_zps7accbddd.jpg

Really excited to have this tin! I never realized sylveon was on it before but then I got to looking and there she is! That little merchmonger xD It's a really lovely tin to go with my other sylveon tins though and it has lots of cute pokemon on it as well.

 photo sylvyupdate006_zpsb68a0552.jpg

And yummy chocolate filled snacks! <3

 photo sylvyupdate005_zps0719af69.jpg

I had seen lots of these towels but I never realized they were so big! I love the happy party time promo stuff though it's so festive! So I'm really excited to have this as a peice to my large sylveon towel/cloth collection xD!

 photo sylvyupdate003_zpsbee87311.jpg

This is that cloth I thought I bought two of xD! But I didn't! They're both so pretty, this one is significantly smaller though! :D

 photo sylvyupdate004_zpsd857d3ff.jpg

And some scented markers! I'm tempted to take them out and sniff them, but I also want to keep them mint in packages

what to do what to do...


 photo sylvyupdate007_zps87972240.jpg

And I got this plane which is a really unique item! I also had to assemble it, but I wasn't sick that time so it went somewhat more smooth xD! I love how pink it is though :D I feel like it probably doens't really fly all that well. I haven't tried it out though

 photo sylvyupdate008_zps7702fbc4.jpg

WOAH, what are these not sylveons?!

But look at how cute they aree!!! I love the clauncher especially, his name is patstachio. It's a long story xD

But I couldn't resist the pikapair keychains either, I've always wanted a lady pikachu plush and she even has a little letter D'aw 'u' <333

 photo sylvyupdate009_zps52a71b80.jpg

This face. It wants snuggles forever!

Sylveon Postcard photo saleseons005_zps85f6f3c0.jpg

And I won this pretty postcard in an auction on ebay as well! So pretty and I love this art and the pinkness! I swear though that it is impossible to own every sylvoen flat ever. I think theres a fairy (no pun intended) that just keeps making new mysterious random sylveon flats for crazy collectors to stumble upon xD!

 photo happyearlybirthday003_zps651cb9e9.jpg

Also I don't remember if I posted this or not but it was an early present from my girlfriend to cheer me up one day. And wow is it gorgeous 'u' I love the christmas promo for last year and I'm really glad sylveon got such pretty art on it! And now I can eat a whole sylveon meal officially xD!

Anywho thanks for reading all m craziness! :D I hope you enjoyed it >u< <333

Also shameless sales/auction plug :D
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