sproutpaw (zigguppafu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Really Awesome Mostly Electric Gets and Small Wants List!

Recently i've been really lucky in finding some awesome things that i've wanted!

Fist we have the new swirlix pokedoll! I love this little guy so so much! I really hope slurpuff gets a pokedoll or any plush soon as well.

Next we have the DX Fuzzy Raichu plush! Probably (almost definitely) the grail of my collection! I never thought i would have this precious chu! Thank you skdarkdragon !!!

Mega Ampheros plush! Ampheros is one of my favorite pokemon and i was so happy he got a mega (even though i dont understand the dragon typing... lol)

Look at this precious baby! Little raichu pokedoll! Ive been trying to find one for a while now. I'm so happy to have him! Thank you tamago226 !!!

Lastly, a kutakuta pikachu! I never intended to own one or seek one out due to rarity and price, but i was bored and looking through pikachu plushes on ebay and happend upon him! I had extra anime boston money so i went for it. I'm so glad i did, too. He's definitely one of my favorites! Here are some more cute shots of him. c:
Sleepy sleepy!
He loves chin sratches. c:
He's so big!

Just a few things ive been looking for lately. If you have any of this you'd like to sell, please just provide me with a picture and a price! c:

-Tomy Standing Leafon Plush
-Jakks Jirachi Plush
-Raichu backpack
-Giant tomy raichu plush
-Jakks lugia plush
-DX pumpkaboo plush

That's about it for now. Thank you for looking!

Thank you for checking it out! :D

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