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Spring Swap EPICNESS!

Weeee! I got my Secret Spring Swap (say that 10 times fast!) my Spring Swap turned out to be the lovely acidmimi and may I say, this is by far the most amazing spring swap I couldv'e gotten. :'3
SO much creativity, and mass quantities of cuteness. :D - Image heavy cut!

A wild package appeared! (Even the bubble mailer's adorable -ermahgerd)
Mimey and Marceline the mime jr helped open the package. <3

I almost don't know where to begin! acidmimi sent SO many amazing goodies, it was pretty overwhelming (in the BEST possible way, ofc)!
The package was pre-opened as I had opened it on camera for my YT channel first, but it was easy to take pictures of everything afterwards. ^_^

Everything spread out like a smorgasbord for le eyes. O_O


But what's this? A JAKKS SHINY MIME, custom painted, and hiding in the lime green Pokecenter bag? :o
Here he is, hanging out with my normal colored one - they've obviously become the best of friends. <3
So well done, the picture doesn't do the paint job justice, I can tell ya that! She got the green color PERFECTLY too!


In the lime green Pokecenter bag along with Sinclair (shiny mime jr's name <3) was this AMAZING Heracross Swing charm!
I feel so silly for purchasing one from sharkdragon, like 10 days ago, but this one is a gift from acidmimi, and sealed, so I will likely just sell the one I just bought, or have it up for trade. ^_^

Next up, we have the most ADORABLE customs!
Acidmimi makes the cutest mini-canvas paintings and keychains! I mean LOOK at these, just adorable - seriously, you guys need to just scoot on over to her profile, and purchase all the custom stuff she has, because it's absolutely amazing irl! (It photographs stunningly as you can see, too. :3)
Marceline wanted to be in the picture, holding the keychain - so proudly. <3


She also sent some delicious looking assorted Pokemon sweets. Aaaas you can see, Mimey called dibs on the Fennekin cookie. :'D
(I heard it was delicious - even better than pokepuffs! :O)
I love how all the candies have Pokemon silhouettes on them.


Close ups of the candy!


In a little piece of cardboard were these great flats!
TCG from ex sets and L1, (unfortunately the Flaffy is hidden >_<), plus a Persian Bandai Cardass, and low and behold: MIME STICKERS I DIDN'T ALREADY OWN!
Totally awesome! The only sticker I had was the tiny mr.mime one - but I have it on a sealed sheet, so I can put it in my binder <3
I really love the mini Typhlosion with his back turned too. :3


This flat really made my heart LEAP! A FOAM CARD. This is the first one I've seen! After I saw this, and saw there is a mr.mime one - MY GOAL IN LIFE IS TO OBTAIN HIM. (If anyone has him, PLEASE let me know! <3)
It's. Just. Amazing. :')
So squishy!

Then she sent these AWESOME X and Y movie stickers - the girl must know I LOVE STICKERS.
No really. I'm a stickeraholic.. It's a real issue. ;)
They're so giant. O_O


I don't think Acidmimi knew this - but I've wanted this card since I found out about its existence. :')
It's even more beautiful in real life. For a fan of Ampharos, it's a muuuust. I mean look at that GLITTER!


And finally! A picture from after I opened everything on my YT channel. ^_^
It looks so cool altogether!
Totally loved the Spring Swap! Thanks again so much Acidmimi! <3


Edit: Also a little sales plug - I am really in need of some extra funds, so PLEASE feel free to haggle on the "offers" items as well. :) <3
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