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I feel like showing you my shelves.

Hello everyone. ^^

You know, when I first posted to the community, I gathered all my collection on my bed to show you. But my figures are usually disposed in another way.

My room is very tiny, and I only have two big shelves, so there isn't much to see, but I did my best to decorate them ! Most of them aren't finished, so I'll only show you the Eeveelution ones.

First of all : The Jolteon shelf. It's video-game themed and the little ornaments on the wall were originally
candies !

These are Super Mario coins.

The Eevee - Flareon shelf. It's very simple, I should add things to it...

The Umbreon shelf. I lacked room for my Spyro games, so they're now part of it.

The Vaporeon and Glaceon shelf ! But I'm going to remake it entirely to make it beach-themed. I just found cheap tiny sun umbrellas made of paper, they will fit perfectly.

Leafeon and Serperior shelf. The green video game console you can see in the background is a Wonderswan. It's quite old and rare.

My Nintendo shelf.

Now :

Yup. That's my pink shelves. The emptiest pink shelves of the community. :I
The first one is drawing-themed and the second is random-espeon-laying-here-themed. I'll find a place for her soon, I guess !

Thanks for looking ! There will be a lot of modifications in the future, I'll post again when it will be done !
Tags: collection, eevee, espeon, flareon, jolteon, leafeon, serperior, sylveon, umbreon, vaporeon
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