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Coin machine indulge gets uwu

Today after running some errands in Barcelona (namely handing some photocopies at a school just to learn they screwed up and now I gotta wait for a confirmationblahblah) I walked my way to a small shop called "Chunichi Comics".

This shop works with legit Japanese imports and has a good share of Pokémon merchandising (they have really old Tomy stuff I didn't realise they had until today), and it's the only shop in which I can find Banpresto plushes to buy right of the bat ;w; (I wish I had more cash on my name, they had Litwick and Banette from the I <3 Gothic collection ;___; )

Well, the thing is that I went there to indulge myself and I saw they had these coin machines outside with new figures... they got Zukans! And what surprised me the most is that in theory there should be a Giratina Zukan and I wanted that so bad!

After spending some coins this is what I got!


Sweet Giratina was what I got on my last coin! I couldn't believe my luck!! ;w; Precious Ghost Dragon baby ;w;
I also got these from the same machine:
I haven't opened them yet (I might keep them like this for a while), but in them there are. Wailord, Lapras, Celebi and Alakazam.

I can't wait to go there again next Tuesday and try to get the two Zukans left from that 'collection' (missing the Rotoms and the Slow family!) >w</
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