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Justice for all

Spring Secret Swap!

My secret swap arrived! And I got mine from kitzune, and words don't describe it, it is amazing! *-*;;


Japanese box, very kindly opened by my country's customs as always. 8D But omg Japan, my heart skipped a beat when I found out it came from there, pokémon center stuff? Could it be??


To start, the most adorable card ever featuring Ponyta and so many XY pokémon! This is the prettiest card I've ever seen, Ponyta is so perfect and she's one of my all time favorites! And all that adorable cuteness going on around her, aaah, those kites and everything, I'm in love!

The card is the note I got from Miki, one of the butterflies is saying "I want to eat pancakes." XD Pancake eating butterflies! I couldn't help but laugh.


And then on to the goodies! Everything was packed up in seperate bags, so it was so fun to unpack everything one by one, I was more and more amazed with every single one I opened. First up were two little Fennekin handtowels! I've always wanted a handtowel and now I have two of the most adorable ones ever. (I have a thing for red plaid, so I really like the red one XD)

The next bag had the Fennekin petit keychain, which I got a couple weeks ago myself, but I don't care, these are so adorable I wouldn't mind having a whole army of them! I'll keep this one mint with tag I think, while the other was already my travel buddy. So now if he somehow gets lost, I'll have a spare. :3

The little figure of Fennekin using fireblast made me so happy too, I've so often been about to buy it from a comm member, but always stopped myself for some reason, and now I have it after all! It's so tiny and Fennekin looks so fierce. I love it when figures aren't just the pokémon posing, but them doing something. <3

And of course the pokémon with you fennekin badge! Ah, so much Fennekin XDXD


Fennekin moncollé! Again, been wanting to get it, but didn't, and now here it is! I just can barely believe at this point how much great stuff I was getting in this small box.

And as you can see in the picture, Fennekin pokédoll!!! I didn't notice it was a pokédoll at first, since I was too busy ooh'ing and aah'ing at all the cuteness, but then when I saw the tag it hit me, my very first pokédoll! It's so soft and adorable and Fennekin, so Fennekin. Thank you so so so so so much!!!!

P1080009 P1080010 P1080011P1080012

And this is really silly, but like I said, everything was packed in pokémon center bags and it made me so happy when I saw it. I've always wanted a pokémon center bag, and just like that I got all of these! And that one with the XY legendaries and starters is just amazing! I was just so, so happy. ;; I still am so happy! I can't believe this, this was so much, so much more than I had ever expected! So much pretty! So much cute! All the Fennekin! And the Ponyta card! I just... Wow, so much wow. ;-;!

I feel like I suddenly have a whole Fennekin collection just like that. <3
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