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Quick Question on Pokedolls in the UK and some gets.

I have been buying some random bits of pieces I can find for bargains on ebay and such and came along this little Zorua:

(He is sitting next to Zoroak as he struggles to sit up by himself and they go together ;O.)

It looked like one of the American versions of the Pokedolls so I gave it a go since it was a good price and that is what I got.

It looks really nice and seems legit to me, but I am no expert. My question however regards the tag, I thought the only pokedolls the UK got were the 3rd gen starters that were sold in Woolworths(RIP :() several years back, since we never had a pokemon center. But the tag has a UK address which I googled and is a UK Pokemon Company address. So I was just wondering if this was made / sold in the UK? Or do these get distributed from the UK to the US for some reason? I bought it on UK ebay, but I didn't think the UK had anything to do with Pokedolls.

Here is the tag:

Probably a simple explanation but just curious :P

And just because I can I will add some of my gets below :P

First is a interesting Pikachu, not sure where he is from, he has a tag but it is just blank, whether the text has completely worn off or it was always blank im not sure. Anyone know what this pikachu is? (I always like finding these derpy pikachus)

However I am running out of room for them now...

(This does not include my duplicates mind you...)

Random Branpreso claw machine Zapdos also found cheap on ebay:

And the all important Sylevon, I love this guy so much :3.

I have been moving my selves around a bit, but trying to create room for the pokemon I mainly collect and keeping my other random ones is hard on space, so for now I took down all my old plushies from back in first gen to make room for just my Mew collection :P.

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