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Auction Reminder and Question

 This is just an Auction reminder that the large Pokekids Auction is ending in less than 24 hours!

Here's the Auction!

No bids will be accepted after 5:59pm Pacific time tomorrow
All bidding closes at 6 so I can calculate everything! Thanks again!


Also, I have a question for all of you more Value savvy Poke-expert collectors out there.  While unpacking from moving recently, I came across something I was sure my mother had given away years ago. It was the complete 1999 Meiji Foil Promo set, if I remember right, the second pokemon promotion they ever did after the one ancient mew/first pokemon movie prism promotion.

After doing some looking around, the only other complete set I could find for sale online was this one -

1999 Pokemon Meiji 'super set'

As it were, it's in perfect condition, put straight into thick card sleeves the moment I got it so long ago. Thing is, I have no real use for it, I stopped collecting pokemon cards years ago, so I'm thinking of putting it up on Ebay, I'm not sure if anyone here would be interested in it.

Long story short, My question is, what do you guys think would be a smart way to go about it? Price wise that is.  It's not a very common collectable, heck I've only seen one full set, and a hand full of single cards on ebay, and although it's rare, I'm not sure how much interest it would generate, so I fear it would be hard to sell. 

What do you guys think would be a smart beginning price for this complete set? I'm sceptical about selling the cards separately, as I fear very few would sell at a reasonable price.

Let me know what you guys think! Thanks again <3

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