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Yes, I am finally taking Fimo sculpture commissions!

Buuut since school's started, my free time is limited. So what I'm going to do is take one at a time... first come first serve, unfortunately. I may start a waiting list if there is enough interest, but that is subject to "I will start when I have the time," though of course I expect no payment until I actually have something done :P

Pricing starts at $20-30 Canadian, depending of course on what you have in mind. More intricate/bigger things are more expensive. I'm sorry to have to raise prices (I started off fairly cheap), but with the amount of work and money I was putting into these things, what I was making was something like $2 an hour lmao. ^^;

First person to confirm gets a commission. I'm really sorry I can't take more, but school is already picking up and I'm afraid of getting backlogged. That was okay during the summer, but now my spare time is like nonexistent. I really don't want to have to keep you waiting too long! Thanks for your understanding <3

If it's a Drifloon keychain you want, I may be able to bend this rule, because they only take an evening or two to make. They're a set price of $20.

Oh yes. I've had a few questions about non-pokémon characters, and for now my answer is no, although maybe in the future when I have more time. :)

For examples of my stuff, check out my devart account -
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