pbjpokemon (pbjpokemon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introductions are in Order! + Bonus Want

Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce myself as pbjpokemon and tell you a little about myself.
Back when i was about 5 or so Pokemon Blue somehow came into my possession. After playing it for about 5 hours I instantly knew that it was special, and that i would be playing for a very long time!

Anyway I'm now in high school and my pokemon addiction has now swung into high gear. I love everything about it! My two main obseesions, however, are competitive battles and.....POKEDOLLS! I really can't resist them..

My collection includes most of my favorites in plush and a few figures. Most I've found on some well known websites and a few on LJ. But no matter where I get a new addition it always gives me a rush of excitement when I get a package in the mail!

Well I'd love to get to know everyone else and am happy to answer questions if you have any! Being new to the site I don't really know how much of it works so pardon me if this post ends up breaking the community x)

Bonus Want!

Mew Pokedoll!

If any one has one of these I'd be happy to work out a deal in the comments!

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