Paula (agui_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gigaplushies GA payment 1 + tiny gets + wants + sales

Hello community!

It's time to pay for the first payment of the Gigaplushie GA!

The information!Collapse )

Now I wanted to show you my new Glaceon and Jolteon *^*
I love the old Glaceon UFO SO MUCH <3 For me he's the best Glaceon plush <3 Also the Jolteon, I got another lot with the Kyun Charas and I couldn't resist! I already sold two of them but I wanted one ;w;

And some wants! I lost a few days ago a lot with a Poochyena clear kid and I don't find them anywhere ;_; If someone has any Poochyena clear kid, just let me know please! And as usual, I'm also searching for the Politoed Pokemon Time strap and Pokemon Time bookmarks! I have all my wants post HERE

Sin título-1

Lastly, as usual, I have my sales post HERE so please, take a look! >.< I have a ton of figures on a few plushies still on there!

Bye Gentlemen!
Tags: group auction, payments, sales, wanted
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