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Japanese card collection update

Hi, comrades. This is your cool Birdie Trio. Haha, I am behave a little childish here, but remember what I promised you in the end of March? Well, you may say it is April now. Ugh, could you show me some respect, please? Just kidding. Here, it is my Japanese card collection update for...
altaria flareespeon holon
altaria 001
This was my first time employing Fromjapan's commission exemption - no commission after the fourth item from the same seller. Besides, I tried their search engine and found an amazing second-goods store - Some of you may have already heard about it, or you must have been very familiar with it if you are in Japan or you bought anime related items from. They are really, really good in their lower price compared to Yahoo! Japan if you are looking for some old school stuffs. For example, I found all the Altaria cards before BW time for around 100 yen each. I paid 1500 yen for that GOLD BIRD from Cold Flare, but that is from another individual, and it is about the same for buying from eBay. I am also surprised that I came through cards from 1st ed quite commonly in Japan, so I do not care too much on collecting only 1st ed or unlimited. Just one card from each expansion.
altaria 002
In addition, being a second-goods store, their item conditions are FABULOUS! All the cards I bought come through to be NM/M condition except for some of the Espeon in the second part of my collection update, which came out early and experience color fading over years. Yeah, you may say there is 200 yen commission for each card. BUT, remember the commission is free after the fourth card you bought from the same seller, PLUS you are only charged for one bank transfer for buying from the same person.
I think I overpaid 1500 yen for that Altaria ex delta species but it is a mint card in my eyes, and I adore them for making both the background of Pokemon and the border of the card a holofoil. But, I am more than happy to obtain that Forina's Altaria from I don't know why but the promo cards are a little harder to find on the auction sites.

espeon 001
I got the holofoil Espeon from The Town on No Map from eBay actually, and I do not realize that there is such a big difference between the holo and non-holo version. The bars, the e-reader symbol, and the background of Pokemon are all holofoil, which is gorgeous to me. Like I said before, I love they made border and background holofoil so my favorite Espeon in this page is that on the far right in the second row coming from Holon Research Tower. I really like the delta species cards for that reason. Do you notice the Prime Espeon on the bottom? Haha, I put her there for a reason since I know I will never afford to pay for her Japanese counterpart. I think I saw her being sold on Yahoo! Japan for 30,000 yen when browsing aucfan's ending list, let alone those on eBay. UPDATE: JESUS CRIES, the one for $498 got sold yesterday. Here is the link if you don't know what I am talking about
espeon 002
I miss a lot of Espeon's cards on this page, most are ____'s Espeon. I have an Annie/Zanner's Espeon coming soon. I need to get Will/Itsuki's Espeon. I might as well replace my Sabrina's Espeon since it is slightly played. This is the only card below excellent condition from all these cards I bought but seller also includes a bunch of other cards which play the role as toploader. There is even a 1st ed. holofoil Dragonair from Dragon Selection. I may sell/trade that card but I know it is not worth a lot 'cause all cards from that expansion are holofoil just like its English counterpart, Dragon Vault. I may also get some of the cheap Espeon cards like the SP Espeon, the BW Promo Espeon, and the Sabrina/Natsume's Espeon from But that's it unless I can find an ungraded Will's Espeon for cheap like the one sold on eBay. I hate grading somehow since I am not that hardcore to grade every card I want. I just want to complete the collection, but I know I won't be able to for Espeon. The last gold star Espeon I saw sold on Yahoo! Japan is 54,000 yen, and is going to buyback it for 9600 yen? You must be kidding me.

I am not sure if you enjoy reading the post, but I hope at least you enjoy seeing the cards. Thank you guys and have a nice day!
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