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Hi guys. I've decided to collect pokedolls, so im weeding down my umbreon collection. Hope they will go to a good home! :)
Also if you want better pictures of a items condition (tag) don't be afraid to just ask im more than glad to oblige.
Rules (Please read them all.
-Sales permission granted August 2013 by EntirelyCliched
- I ship from the US and don't feel comfortable shipping internationally yet.
-Feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/taytaychann/
I ship from a pet/smoke friendly home (It's not me D: ) Also I will do my best to make sure NO animal hair is on the plush/item and try to rid it of the smoke smell. Be aware im unable to help my parent's habits. I do apologize if any residue of the smell is on the plush.
-Not responsible for lost items. I will tell you once they ship, I'll try to get them shipped before next week. You will be notified .

umbreon1 Umbreon medium plush. 15 shipped. MWT

umbreon2Umbreon DX banpresto. 30shipped OBO MWT Tag has a slight bend from being in storage

Umbreon5 Umbreon pokecenter plush 25 shipped OBO. Tag is incredibly creased and bent. But it's still attatched.

NO PICTURE (will add later.) Original tomy sitting Umbreon plush. 20shipped only tush tag

umbreon6 Umbreon keychain plush. MWT. 15shipped

umbreon7 Umbreon Halloween plush MWT. 40shipped. Please tell me if this is too high. I don't see them for sale much and saw one go for this price a year or so ago. :)

Mewtwo Pokedoll
Slowpoke pokedoll
Raichu pokedoll
Minky pichu pokedoll
NEW bulbasaur pokedoll
Audino pokedoll
Marill pokedoll (doesn't have to be mwt.
Suicune pokedoll
Clauncher pokedoll
THESE ARE IN NO ORDER OF PRIORITY. Just randomly listed some I wanted off the top of my head xD

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