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gets + sales

Hi! It's been awhile since I updated on my collection, so here we go!

I haven't even shown you which kalos charms I got

Meowstics and pyroar- had to keep the kitty chain going :D

The whole charm board,

Vivillon- I was hoping they were going to do all the forms, but they didn't... I hope that means a vivillon promotion in the future (pretty, pretty please!)
Doublade- My favorite this gen XD Really wasn't expecting that.
Klefki- I love how the keys are all spread out
Goomy line- saw them in someone elses post and immediately regretted not ordering them. Luckily found one on ebay that wasn't horribly priced X) I love the colors

Same went for the goomy plush. Accidental collection, but the whole line is just adorable! :D

I got these in the mail today! :D They're nicely sculpted and actually have smiles!

Now I have the keychains for the eeveeloutions I collect :D They look great hanging down above the rest of them.

Half the shelf above is for reunicluses (which I don't think I've shared since reorganizing), other half will be for doublades (I hope they make stuff to fill it XD)

And found this cutie for a price I liked (finally!) So cute and soft! I can't wait until my HQ raichu joins him in May.

So my main Kalos pokemon collections will be Doublade, Vivillon, Sylveon and Goomy line with mini collections of klefki, espurr line and diancie! Fun, fun, fun! :D

Thanks for reading!

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