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eeeveelu custom GA in, sylveon auctions & massive sales!!

so, let's start off with the good news! the eeveelution group auction has arrived and your charge 2 payments are ready!! we have a few extras and they are open to everybody!

nasija creampuffoholic loveespeon squeakaree jen81489 meloman1a

All items are $1 each for GA members, or $2 for non-GA members! First come first serve!
SOLD: Umbreon charm

also, an interesting thing about the pokebox stamps! the stamps are NOT the same as the picture drawn on the front! o; i forgot to take pictures of all of them before wrapping them up in bubble wrap, but just expect that!

You can find payments for charge 2 at the spreadsheet! If you would like to purchase any extras or items from my sales, let me know so I can give you a new total! If not, please send payment to rlin4992(@) with your username in the notes and please remember to include a shipping address!!

next, i have two lovely sylveon items up for auction! click the cut for cuties!

-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-Paypal only, please!

-I ship from California, USA. I will ship internationally!
-My feedback is located here and here.
-There will be a 5 minute anti-snipe extension!
-Any other questions? Ask away!


first up is this really cute terry cloth drawstring bag that features all the eeveelutions! both front (top) and back (bottom) are shown. only ONE bag is up for auction. this bag is MIP! jolteon kid for size reference.

Bidding starts at $15

next is this adorable towel that features sylven, eevee, umbreon, glaceon, leafeon, and espeon!! it is really big and minty fresh! because of the way it's packaged, i couldn't take a picture of the entire towel, but there is a stock image below and i am more than happy to take pictures from other angles!

Bidding starts at $15

also, we still need 4 more claims before we can purchase this set! we need pikachu, fletchling, fennekin and froakie to be claimed! please click the picture to be transported to the original post.

ps: i was editing the group buy post and accidentally deleted it.. sorry!! D; nobody commented yet so I'm hoping that's ok, but asdklfjsfasf the delete button is right next to the save button..

lastly, this is some bad news.. my mom got mad at me for spending money on pokemon, so she's making me sell pretty much everything that is not a main collection.. :c I mean, she's okay with me collecting, especially since i'm spending money from my own part time job, but i guess i'll tone down the collection and narrow down my focus to just a few pokemon.. >< I also got hit with a $90 charge from FJ for shipping, so please come check out my sales! i really need some help here.. @___@;;

literally everything that's not part of my main collections is up for sale and all offers will be considered! please please please help me get these things out of my house!

Tags: auction, azelf, dialga, emolga, entei, fennekin, flareon, fletchling, froakie, giratina, glaceon, group auction, jolteon, leafeon, mesprit, pikachu, rapidash, sales, shaymin, shinx, sylveon, umbreon, uxie
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