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Eevee Tissue Box Train and Anime Boston!

Hello everyone! I had a great time at Anime Boston a few weeks ago.

I was so honored to meet pocketmonstrmeg in person :D Her outfit was awesome! Details are below the cuts!


And collection update at my site!!


But first this exciting get I have held off for months: The Gyutto Eevee tissue box. xglaceon gave me a review about the tissue box a few collection updates ago, and I had to get one of my own!


Nothing can explain how soft it feels!


Inside is just an empty box to fill in the Eevee.


So cute and soft!!


It's a large Eevee too!


unfortunately the smallest size tissue box I could find, does not fit inside it XP I'll need to find it smaller.


Such an adorable face!!


And here he is in a different angle ^^

I kept passing this guy up for months, then nabbed him when an ebay seller had him at a decent price. I had to wait 3 weeks for him to arrive since it was SAL mail, but it was worth it!

Now for other gets!


Stunfisk Canvas from cardwhale. I had to own this cute little trollfish!


PokeCen Sylveon holding Eevee lottery plush from SMJ and a 2nd set of Furfrou charms, which I sold to Sarah.


Back of her ^^

I cut the threads holding the ribbons together, cause I like my sylveon plush to have free ribbons. XP *shotshotshot*


Closeup of the detail on the Furfrou charms.


Jakks throw Stunky plush <3 It was on sale on ebay. I snapped it up!


Turtwig canvas from polahbear and Mini Munna and Axew Pokedolls from Pokevault!

Now for Anime Bostooooon!!!

It was crazy and awesome! My friend Sarah dressed up as a Sylveon and I dressed up as a Beheeyem! (I however lost my green sunglasses on the first day which went with my cosplay. Oops.)

We went for all 3 days, and we met pocketmonstrmeg (Who dressed up as a Slurpuff) and her boyfriend (Who dressed up as Snorlax)! We went to all the pokemon groups and stuff!

Here's a group photo of us!



It was so exciting! Great to meet you guys! LET'S MEET UP AGAIN NEXT YEAR!!!

Now for gets!


This was Day 1 of my gets.

Some random person saw my friend and I dressed up as pokemon and gave us a pokemon card.I got Swirlix XD;

Glaceon is a bootleg ^^; There were 2 booths I passed that sold bootlegs, but everything else was legit. I had to get the eevee cushion. I passed it up on SMJ because I didn't wanna get hit with fees.


Day 2 of gets!! Ignore Non-Pokemon related stuffs plz.

pocketmonstrmeg showed me a Pikachu when we met, then and then I wanted one as well XDXD

The I <3 Pikachu series were surpise finds!! Phanpy was a gift for someone, and Dragonair is a bootleg.

Everything on my PokemonTime Dragonair was fine...

... but I cannot say the same for my friends PokemonTime Dragonair.


She got Derpinair. (If this needs to be removed, plz tell me)


This was Day 3 of gets!

Leafeon is a bootleg and so was Scolipede...

Mudkip is just totally adorable!

I didn't expect to see the Stunky figure, and got it too!


After all the new gets, I had to rearrange my collection. XP I had no space for Pikachu and Piplup, so I put them with/on the moose in the corner. The Pikachu hat fits perfectly on piplups head!

That concludes this collection update. Thanks for reading everyone!! ^^

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