Hachiko (yamadahachi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

lifesize caterpie sculpture

I wanted to show off something I've been working on for a few days~

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It's Caterpie! ^_^

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I SEE YOU. hehe..

He's lifesize (1'0" long) and made from sculpey. He took me about 5 days to finish, but isn't he awesome? xD

Caterpie is not for sale ( i <3 him too much xD), but I'm considering doing commissions for large 1' tall sculptures like this one. They'd be a little pricey (around $35 shipped in the US due to shipping and cost of the sculpey clay), but tell me what you guys think <33

Ah, I also had a question... I asked this on the chat the other day, but does anyone know around how much the Chimchar-line zukan usually run? I've heard they are a bit hard to find, but it's one of my grails, so I just wanted some information. ^^;; Thanks!
Tags: caterpie, custom
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