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SSS + First sales post :)

First up, SSS gets under the cut :)

I got my SSS in the mail a couple days ago! Thanks so much princesspichu! ^^ the tiny card with the piplup is suuuuuuuuper cute! Waving bag-toting Piplup is now sitting with all his brothers :) I needed this Umbreon kid too to sit next to the matching Espeon one ^^

Thanks again!

sss gets
I was granted sales permission at the end of last month so here is my very first (and small) sales post! :) Let me know if I overpriced some things
General Info:
-Granted sales permission by allinia on 3/24/14
-I ship from Virginia, USA (no international for now, maybe my next post :x )
-My shipping days will primarily be Thursday and Friday
-I have a dog
-My feedback is here
-All general pkmncollectors rules apply

-I accept PayPal only
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping and paypal fees
-I am not responsible for items once they leave my possession. Tracking and confirmation can be added upon request.
-Please send payment within 24 hours. If you need more time let me know, otherwise items will go to the next person.
-By default I will ship first class using USPS with no tracking or insurance. Please specify if you would like these services.
-I will protect items as best as I can but once the item has left my hands I cannot be held accountable for how the post office handles the items

-Items are on a first come, first serve basis.
-Asking for a quote is NOT committing.
-I will hold as long as you are 100% committed up to 72 hours.
-I will accept trades/partial trades for items on my wants list found here

Munchlax bottlecap figure $6
Munchlax kid
Munchlax sandwich kid
Jakks? Munchlax x2 $2 each
Loose Munchlax Zukan? piece $2

Dialga zukan w/Ash $4 (has glue? residue around legs and Ash as seen in picture. It was received like this)
Zekrom zukan $4
Zekrom sukui doll $3
Latias figure $5

unknown Squirtle $1
Wartortle TOMY? $3
Squirtle kid $2
Squirtle squad kid $4
Wartortle kid $2

I-don't-know-what-this-is-angry-Mudkip figure $2? Mystery solved: Hasbro Mudkip

Latias $3
Latios $3
Everyone else $2 each (both togepi, togetic sold)

Mew kid $4
Talking Mew (needs new batteries) $10

Cyndaquil TOMY $2
Charmander TOMY $2
Charmeleon TOMY $2
Pikachu 1 $1
Pikachu 2(fatter one) $1
Combusken $2
Chimchar sukui doll $2

Pikachu TFG $3
Chimchar TFG $3
(sad) Turtwig TFG $1
Pikachu bottlecap $2

Zekrom, Reshiram, Zoroark, Tepig, Snivy, Pikachu Zorua McDonald's toys $0.50 each
(Zekrom's arm looks stupid because it's pointing up instead of down like the other arm xD)
unknown Monferno $0.50
Burger King Mew $5?
bottom row Pikachu $0.50 each (frumpy pikachu keychain sold)
Totodile coin $1
Chimchar pull-back racer $1
Tags: latias, latios, mew, munchlax, sales, zekrom
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