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Tiny flat gets

I've got a mini gets post with some flats I'm excited about! Picked these up last weekend and I was really pumped but I've been busy drawing this week so here it is now. It's simple as usual but I try and appreciate the simple things in life xD

Mainly this Espeon/Umbreon sticker that I've been wanting for along time now! It usually goes for quite high but I was super excited to get this for about 800 yen! aah~. Happy to have it and now the question is to keep it packaged or stick it on something? ('o')
This Espeon pog is also a lot bigger than I had imagined. It's really cute so I'm glad to add more flats to my collection, ironically they're my favorite but I have like no Espeon flats. I really like pogs too for some reason.
Photo 2014-04-04 14 20 56
Also picked up another TOMY and it happened to be the shading/color I don't have? Now I have both :D
Photo 2014-03-29 23 33 28

I also got really lucky and found this set of three post cards for super cheap. I'm so happy with them, I love the old school art and the Halloween pic is my favorite, although with Spring now here, in Japan the cherry blossoms are at their peak bloom so I'm really excited about the hanami (picnic) one more than I would be normally, hehe.

I know these are the only three in this set, but does anyone else have other post cards or flats similar to this series that they would recommend getting? I love flats, art, and interesting or inspirational drawings so I would love to find more sets like these!Photo 2014-03-29 23 30 32

Thanks for looking! m(_ _)m
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