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[Spring Swap] Adventure Time with Poogie and Purr (and Vee)

A package was waiting for me in my mailbox when I woke up this morning afternoon. Who was it from? My Secret Swap partner!

I had a little help in opening it up...

Purr: Don't go opening any packages without me!

Purr: I got this.

Poogie: What's inside!

Purr: Hrm...not 100% positive, but these kind of look like Eevees.

Vee: Excuse me, sirs. I couldn't help but over hear your conversation. As an Eevee, I know Eevees, and so I can tell you, this pouch definitely has Eevees on it.

Vee: I think there's something inside!

Poogie: Oh gosh, such excite! What is it?

Purr: Stickers!

Vee: And cute little stamps and pens!

Poogie: There's even a mini version of you, Vee!

Mini-Vee: Bui! Also, guys, I think you might have missed something else in the package.

Purr: What, more?? Well, let's take a look see.

Poogie: Hey, you were right!

Purr: What does the card say?

Vee: I can't read human speak, but it looks cute!

Poogie: Mmmm...chocolate...

Purr: I call dibs.

Vee: Hey wait a minute!

Miki: Um, guys, is chocolate even good for Pokemon?

Poogie: We'll fight you for it.

Miki: ...

Thank you to my swap partner (tamago226) for the cute Vee related stuff and the chocolates! Such fancy, so delicious :9

Also since I am updating...my husband was able to find some of the brand new Kids figures while he was at work today and brought home two for me.

Out of the entire batch, there was only two I wanted: Fennekin and Sylveon.

Box art from the side.

Sticker cards!

And of course the actual figures themselves.

My favorite part of Kids figures is the candy. I love candy.

Counting down the days until the Espurr/Meowstic promo! I can't wait!
Tags: eevee, fennekin, sylveon
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