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Raichu Pokedoll/Pair Pika Frame Offers

Hey everyone! I have two things up for offer/trade today:


But before that, I am not able to do international shipping right now. So these items are only available to US buyers. Really sorry about that guys! There's not much I can really do about it.

My sales rules:

Wait until this is crossed out before posting, please!

Offer away!


Raichu Pokedoll(And if you're wondering, it is the one that was recently sold on eBay. It didn't work out.)

The hang tag is detached(has no more than two little marks on it) but will be included.

Raichu has only been on display, but after giving him a once-over, he is very clean. There may be light dust that I'm missing, but I'm not seeing any.

I was told that there was something strange feeling about the feet of the plush. But honestly, I'm not seeing what they were talking about.I think they're just made this way. The feet are minky and his paw pad is a velboa?(I'm thinking that's probably what they meant by weird since it's a different material) Just an F.Y.I. though.

Offers for Raichu will be starting at $60(not including shipping or fees) and will continue until offers stop.


Pair Pika frame. I am hesitant to let this go because I really like it, so the starting offer will be high. Just warning you now!

The condition of the frame is really good. It's been sitting on my shelf holding a picture since I bought it. There are no scuffs on the frame itself as far as I can see, but there is a small crease in the bottom right corner of the plastic that holds the picture.

The outside part of the frame is a nice metal material. The back is like your average frame. That leathery sort of cardboard stuff. As you can see by the size of the frame, this only holds relatively small pictures.

I have the box for this frame too, it has a few dings in it here and there, but is overall nice if you want to keep it. Let me know if you want the box or not!

Offers for the frame start at $70(not including shipping and fees) and will continue until offers die down.


I am MOST likely to accept a trade offer before accepting a money offer(because I am trying to buy these items with the money I make from these anyway. It cuts out the in-between for me.) So if someone offers a trade for these, they will have priority over other offers.

I didn't see anything in the rules that says I can't do this sort of thing, so I'm sorry if it seems a little unfair, but a trade is an offer all the same. If it's for some reason against the rules, let me know and I'll just delete this part.

Here is a link to my wants list(a head's up, this list is NOT Pokemon related merch. Which is why it's probably unlikely a trade offer will take place. The trade offers I will accept will ONLY be for the top two items and not the rest.):

If you want to trade and are an international member, let me know. I may not be able to sell internationally right now(because I don't want people to think this will be a regular thing I can do. It's confusing if I keep switching back and forth. It will be a ONE time thing), but I can call in a favor for this sort of thing in order to trade.
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