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First Gets Post / Want Post~

Hello everybody! It's been a few months since I've joined the community, and it really is such a terrific experience meeting so many new people who share the same interests as I do. n_n I think that my collection has expanded a fair amount since the first time that I've posted in the community, so I'd like to do a little gets post as a thank-you to all of the kind sellers, and since I'm also getting paid on Monday hopefully (4/7), I'd like to put in a little 'wants' post too so that I can find some stuff to buy on Monday (:

I actually have a ton of gets and a ton of commentary so you might want to be aware of that haha @_@

photo 1
Photo (above): I got a bunch of cute stuff from allinia since she was having a huge huge major eeveelution blow-out sale~ Super duper happy about my new eevee goodies C: My favorite is the walky glasses case which I've been dying to have ever since I saw it, I think my heart stopped when I saw that she had it for sale. @__@ Big big thank you! The walky line is super cute and I just LOOOOVE little chibi eevee with his little hearts and happy face signs! n__n The Kyun Chara was bought from ebay and the pokedoll figure was bought from omgitslph! I actually never thought I'd like to collect figures, I bought the pokedoll fig and kyun chara fig at the same time and after a long time of thinking, I thought to myself, "Heck, I'll just weed them back out once I get them anyways." BUT I WAS WRONG. I got them in the mail 2 days apart from each other and THEY ARE SO SO SO CUTE. I am definitely keeping them! Although I'm sort of iffy on collecting other figures xD The cute eevee card was a surprise gift from shirohikarikaze, thank you so so much! I have it out with my other eevees and it's my very first eevee card, I think I'm going to start collecting Eevee TCG too now n_n

photo 2
Photo (above): YAAAY I LOVE THE 2012 EEVEE COLLECTION! I'm super duper psyched that I was able to get them BOTH so early in the community~ So precious~ n.n I always thought eevee's design for the 2012 eevee collection was kind of funky and odd, but I love it so much! It shows the true potential that eevee has deep down ;) Won the placemat from Shiro and the cup was bought from Allinia~ I really hope I can get all of the eevee items from this promotion n_n

photo 3
Photo (above): THE LAYING EEVEE PLUSH, ACK!! SO SUPER INCREDIBLY CUTE!! He actually came a week later than I expected, I was so disappointed when I checked back on the USPS tracking and saw that after a wee k and a half, he didn't move at all :[ but here he is, fluffy and adorable as always~ I love him so much and he is just the cutest! The clearfile was from slph as well and the cute phone charm was from Allinia~ Everything is sooo cute ugh I probably can't use anything since I want to keep them minty-fresh. O:<

Does this look familiar to anybody from my first post? ~.o INDEED~ IT IS!! The eevee blanket was one of my very first grails, and actually.. my very first purchase here on the community! One grail down, just one more to go~ It's super super soft and BEAUTIFUL. All of my friends usually get sooo tired about me droning on and on about pokemon merchandise, but when I showed them a picture of the blanket, everybody loved it! It was a huge hit and they all said, "Wow, that's actually really cool!" I'm so so so proud of this blanket ./wipes tears :') I probably can't ever use it since I'd probably go crazy if it ended up with a stain, so it's only for display with my eevee cushion </3>

POKE-CEN BAGSS~~ The pikachu one is from sorjei with her wonderful wonderful purchase~ The other two bags are from the amazing xpikachu who actually sent them to me free-of-charge! He actually ended up paying for the shipping himself and I really can't thank him enough orz I can't believe it, thank you so so so much! They're going to carry my extra pokemon goodies n-n

photo 4
AHHHHH YAAAAAAAY!! THIS WAS ONE OF MY MOST MAJOR MAJOR WANTS EVER, THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH areica96!!!! :D He's such a big heavy baby, his name is Twix~ Kinda similar to how you could usually get candy on halloween (witches), but also because witches hold brooms and I think the twix candy-bar looks like a broom in a way. I'm not sure how that works, but it's there, trust me LOOL. He's the only plush that sleeps on the same bed as me besides my old raggy pikachu n__n He's sooo perfect and my very first 1:1 plush. His ears are THE SOFTEST VELVET EVER, whenever I'm sad I just touch it and it's like magic, my pain suddenly just goes away LOOL. Good gosh he's so gorgeous, I keep peeking at him right now even though he's been living with me for a month already <3 I really can't thank you enough areica! Just know that he's got a forever-home with me ;)

SUPER CUTE!! SLEEPY OTTER *___* He's the softest plush I have ever felt and he's HUGEEEE. I love carrying him around the house all the time, but I'm afraid of getting him dirty since he has white fur ): [I often get white things dirty randomly aack] Thank you so so so much cardwhale!

And now for wants! *__*
Just a small reminder but I actually get paid on 4/7, so please understand that I actually cannot get payment to you until that time LOOOL.
Sadly I wanted to start a zorua collection but I realized, owait. I am probably sort of really.. really.. broke if I tried to find a bunch of eevee merchandise. So zorua will have to wait ): But I am still actively collecting my precious eevees of course! And this time, I bring a new collection, FENNEKIN! YESSSS I am searching for these cute little fire foxes! :') Also wait I can't pass on my precious pichu.. So if you have a collection with either of these, please show me since I'm very curious about what new merch each pokemon has to offer~


**ATM I'm also looking at any Pokemon Center Tin
**Also looking for any eevee and fennekin and pichu merchandise. Although I basically want a ton of eevee stuff, I probably can't buy everything I see as much as I'd like to or else I'd have to eat cup noodles for the next year LOL ./wipes tear with eevee plush :: I'd like to stay as pokecen goods, the only customs I'm looking for atm are the +Pokebox+ charms c:
**Shipping will be to 94539, CA USA <3

Alright thank you so much for your time everybody! I look forward to seeing all of your own posts and collections soon too! :D
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