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[In a forest a leaf falls//]

I have been looking for this tiny little figure for months and months. Ever since I saw AAPF's post with the Ensky DP3 keshipoke series, and I was told I had a very slim chance of getting it, I have been after this little bugger.
It is by far, my favourite leafeon figure. It's tiny!! Less than an inch high, and she is so so detailed.
Anyway, many many thanks to shootthetanks who gave me this. She was lucky enough to find it at a comic fare, along with others from the DP3 set!
Many squealings and starng at it when I got it. I can't get over it's tinyness, and I pick it up everytime I walk past my eeveelution shelf XD XD

The rest of the leaf eevee's

Sans pokedoll, because I suck and I forgot to put it in the picture TwT
Lol glacia, sicking her butt in the air :D

*excited for new tomy plushes*X33

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