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Dedenne plush confusion!

(Sorry I'll be lazy and just making links instead of using pics, I'm just curious but pretty tired >_>)
Anyhow, I was checking out Toywiz when I came across this Dedenne plush that I guess Tomy put out (somewhere? Not that I saw any place outside of Canada receive any Mew/Emolga/Eevee plush...)
So that's the one Toywiz showed as a stock photo. Looks more fuzzy, like the older style of Tomy plush (similar to say, Cinccino). But is it a true Tomy plush or just some stolen stock? I know Toywiz has been guilty of stealing fanart before for placement pics... >_>

So, I looked on Amazon real quick, knowing that there IS a Tom plush, as well as a PokeCen and PokeDoll. My guess is that the image was a PokeCen from a different photo angle. But then Amazon lists a few:
as the 7 and 8" ones. I'm guessing the same at other angles.
There's also a Toy Factory one I see... But then, what is this:
I looked it up and looks like this indeed IS the PokeCen one. But if that one is... what's the fuzzy one holding its tail? 0_o

I'm pretty confused... I definitely want to get a Dedenne plush, but trying to see what there is. That mystery one did spark some interest...
Tags: dedenne, plush
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