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Grail Get! And Buying All Sleeping Gizamimi Pichu Clear Files!

Hey y'all! I'm extremely happy that I just received my grail in the mail today! More pictures and details under the cut!

What's Inside??????

A pokemon center bag?????

Its my sleeping gizamimi pichu plush? It is so adorable! It has got to be my favourite plush of all time! Thanks so much acidmimi!

And it looks so CUTE when sleeping under a swadloon blankie made by the talented herar!

Also, I'm looking for the sleeping gizamimi pichu clear files. The ones where the pichu is sleeping on/with another pokemon. I would prefer them to be MIP but as long as they are in good condition thats fine. Shipping is too Singapore! Some examples of the files under the cut! Thanks for looking!
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