gizmochuu (gizmochuu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

re-introduction, and looking for I LOVE PIKACHU + attach to a bag raichu!!

before i write anything else, i'd first like to mention that i'm not entirely new to the community! i was once a member here on a lj account called guppydoo, but i haven't been online in FOREVER and the email i used for that account must have been very old because i can't access it anymore, and i don't remember the password for guppydoo... i wasn't all that active here though because of jumping between small jobs that only lasted some months each, so i didn't really have the funds to collect all that much at the time... anyway! it feels good to be back and actually be able to maybe pursue a thing or two!

small re-introduction: i'm guppy (or gizmo) and i'm a 22 year old from sweden. my love for pokémon rekindled a few years ago, and today i try to collect the tcg, newly focusing on the pikachu evo-line. but i also want to get my hands on some merch that is less...flat and...twodimensional. and what better place than this? :')

right now i'm only really looking for this:

(picture by denkimouse, the raigod herself. i hope it's ok i borrow it, otherwise, just tell me and i'll switch!)

JUST LOOK AT THIS LITTLE BABY. pastel raichu is best raichu after all ;__; i'd like to know how much this little guy goes for, and if anyone has him for offer?

(also might be worth mentioning lj is really weird on my computer right now and will only let me upload blank userpictures, hence why i have no userpic.)

bonus rai-doodle!
Tags: plush, wanted

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