Niko-chan (nikochyan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New gets and a growing collection

After so many raving reviews, I finally bought my first set of items from Sunyshore. Admittedly, I was really happy to finally get my hands on a Substitute and Magikarp but I was really unhappy with the way they were packaged and shipped :( I purchased quite a few of each to give to my friends as gifts but unfortunately, most of them arrived with unprotected bent and warped tags and not even in a proper postbox. So, whilst they make a nice addition to my collection, my heart sunk when I opened the package :( Are there any other places that you guys buy from and would recommend? I think I would be hesitant to buy from sunyshore again.

But on a more uplifting note, photographs!

The two plushies whose tags survived the trip

I just love the way Xerneas looks :3

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