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Spring Secret Swap gets!

Hello everyone, happy Saturday! (or Sunday) Today I received a very special package from my secret swapper, kroh2011! I'm super stoked because it is the first time I've ever participated in something like this and I must say, it's a whole lot of fun! Thanks to the moderators and SSS hosts for all your hard work! Now, let's see what I got shall we :)

gets banner

Look at the lovely note kroh wrote,

The drawings are so cute! They made my day :')


First up is a McDonalds Pikachu toy! I never knew about these toys until now and I'm glad to have gotten Pikachu :3


His cheeks even light up, that was a lovely surprise!

Next is a Magikarp figure! I believe he is the Jakks figure. I love my derpy king of karp!


"Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars." If you can guess who said that, bonus points for you!

Next, are the Vaporeon ippai and another Vappy Kyun Chara! I'm so happy to have gotten one so I could do...

THIS! <3 Now that I have two Kyun Charas I can finally have a Vaporeon couple!
vappykyuns vappykyunkiss

Finally, here's the best gift I could have ever gotten, an adorable Vaporeon amigurumi! Words cannot explain how happy I got when I saw this cutie all nicely wrapped inside a PokeCen bag. Kroh, you spoiled me! xD


Look at his face! His name shall be Kipper and he shall be my Kipper :3


Here are all my gets in one family photo!


Thank you SO much, Kroh! Your gifts will be cherished for a very long time, I truly appreciate them! <3

And now, for a little fun, I decided to take a little photo of the birth of Haruka the Eevee (the son of my two Vaporeon Kyuns). I gathered up all my Vaporeon figures and let them all admire the little smiling Eevee inside a floatie that belongs to someone that is... obviously pointed out xD


That's all for now, thanks for reading everyone! I hope that those who participated in the Spring Secret Swap enjoyed their gifts, I know I did! Have a great weekend! :D
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