eevee_evs_lover (eevee_evs_lover) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Wants! Glameow Fever!!

Hey guys! I have had a long couple of weeks working two jobs and such- now I am finally settled in to my new job and a lot happier and have more time to collect and post a collection update as soon as I get a few items in the mail! ^_^ So anyway- today I was looking through some merch on ebay and other sites and found some super cute things of Glameow that I would like to own! ^_^ If anyone is selling any plush and/or figures of her, please let me know! ^_^ Also, I am trying to focus on some side collections right now since I have collected a lot of items from my 3 main collections- Sylveon, Espeon, and Leafeon. However, I am always looking for things I do not have in my collection! ^_^

Current Wants: 4/5/14

Figures/plush/keychains/charms of the following Pokemon:

-Always looking for figures, plush, keychains, charms, etc of Sylveon, Espeon, and Leafeon
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