Ginger Bean (fox7xd) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Ginger Bean

Epcot get and possible trade

Holy miltanks, I don't know if any one's been to the Mitsukoshi store at EPCOT recently, but they seem to have updated their figures a lot! While there I got a cute plush though. See images under cut. I'm also looking for a certain fossil plush that I'd like to buy or even trade, I was hoping the group could help me out.

(if any of this is old news just skim through it)
I had some free time today so I swung by EPCOT again to get some tasty eats and cute plushies. Still trying to nab a Sylveon plush but they sell out so quick, though I did see dedenne plush this time. I decided to grab myself a Mew though <3 (sorry for poor pictures, I only had my phone with me)

so cute <333 but as usual the store always puts the price tag on the picture :( does anyone have good advice for getting it off? Or is it just pure luck to get it all off?

Any way, sorry again for not the best pictures, but here's the majority of the figures (only ones I didn't get are the single boxes with the kalos and kanto starters) they also had new stuff like baseball caps with pikachu and charizard embroidered on the fronts, giant kalos starters plush and pikachu, and kalos/kanto plush keychains.

The Black/White merch is slowly dwindling out so hopefully that'll mean more X/Y. A lot of eevee figures though <3 As for the plush I'm looking for, it's the Tomy Archen plush
I've been wanting to get one but I'm wary of buying from ebay or even amazon, that it might be a bootleg, So I'd rather go plush hunting through the community and it's members <3 I'm looking for one in good/mint condition and with or without tags. I would be willing to trade this Mew plush for it, otherwise I have some other plush I'd offer for trade .u./ thanks for reading guys!

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