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TPP Emerald Zukan Tribute

Hi people, Do you remeber the last tribute i made to TPP? (That was really cool xD!!) Now i want to share with you the new one i made about the current TPP Emerald, and the former stream of TPP Crystal. I hope you enjoy them

Here is Lazorgator and Co. after defeating the Helix team and the other gods xD!! They achieved a cool victory in Pokemon Crystal in only 2 weeks (with help of democracy in several times).


In the picture: Lazorgator, Burrito and Katie after defeating Red's Team

And here's the current A's team in Emerald. They're fighting with Elite Four at the moment, but they're not having a good time (Even struggling with Sidney in the first Battle). Do you think they can succeed before the deadline? (They have 2 days before they start Fire Red). Unfortunately they have to depend only in M4, because the others are underleveled and needed of EVs (It would be really cool if M4 would have Huge power ability)


In the picture: Tentacruel, MightyDoge, M4, A-chan, 5´7, Annie and Vileplume

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