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Bargain Birthday Sales

Hey everyone! I haven't been very active in the comm for the past few months, but I am still lurking every so often... :) As my birthday is coming up this month, I'm doing some small sales to raise a bit of money.

By the way, I collect Umbreon, Flygon, and Blastoise merch! I'm open to trades. I'm still missing the Umbreon rubber strap, and a few other things too. If you'd like to point me to your sales, that would be great - I collect a lot of random things! :) If you have an Etsy account or sell custom art elsewhere, please don't be shy about showing it off, either. I do art myself and love seeing other peoples' stuff! I've been a part of this community for... wow... almost 6 years now! So I've been collecting official merch for a while.... but I actually don't have much custom art! I've been thinking about making an ATC collection, so if you sell ATCs that would be awesome.

Here is a picture of my small collection shelf! Last year, I ended up boxing my collection as I don't have the space for it anymore. I would need an entire wall (or more) to display it all. :( So for now, this is what I have on my desk! I kept mostly just my Umbreon collection and a few others. Pardon the dust! I dusted after taking the photo (and then took another photo but that one came out blurry augh XD). I would love some new ideas for displaying things in small spaces.
 photo IMG_collectionshelf_zps52c8b9c0.jpg
Not pictured - I also have some Umbreon plush, a card collection, and charms. (For those who remember the rest of my huge collection, yes I still have it! it's just in boxes now @.@)

Onto the sales:

\\\\\     SALE RULES & POLICIES:     /////

- Please remember to leave feedback after you have received your order!! Many people forget (including me...)! No news is good news... If something is wrong with your order, let me know ASAP and I will do what I can to help.
- PayPal only. Any type of PayPal payment is accepted.
- Payment is due within 24 hours of getting a total.
- *** Anyone who asks for a quote or any other information about an item GETS PRIORITY on the item. After your question is answered, you have 24 hours to respond, before the item goes to the next person who asked. ***
- No holds. Furthermore, DO NOT ask to hold something for someone else. This is very unfair to others who get there first and want the item themselves.
- No haggling, unless you are buying several items.
- I do accept trades! I collect quite a few things so just point me to your sales!
- I ship internationally from Florida, USA.
- Shipping Cost = Postage Price + Fees + Handling Costs.
- All domestic orders will come with USPS tracking (if applicable). / All international orders will come with the customs forms number (if applicable). You will get this number once your order is shipped; these serve as my proof of shipment. You may also ask for a receipt.
- Card singles are always shipped in protective sleeves and toploaders. For other items, I use bubble wrap and/or other protective materials.
- In the unlikely event that your package is lost in transit by the post office, I, unfortunately, can NOT afford to replace or refund it.
- By default, I ship everything through USPS First Class. If you want priority mail, tracking, insurance, or something else added... just let me know!
- Items are shipped out within 1 week of me receiving cleared payment!

Shipping within the US starts at $1.50 for flats and $3.00 for figures.

- PKMNCOLLECTORS Rules & Guidelines apply.
- Feel free to ask any questions!
- Sales permission granted in 2008 by lineaalba


random stickers and other flats! take the lot for $1! sold

50 cents each!

HGSS sticker sheet, Psyduck PokeTime "bookmark", and Aggron Battrio (I bought an extra by accident :P) - $1 each

As much as I love charms, I decided to keep only my Blastoise set, so the rest of the Kanto starters are for sale. - $10 each set

Eevee "I Love Eievui" Keychain Plush - brand minty new, tag is well-protected inside plastic cover - $10 SOLD

Leafeon "I Love Eevee" Keychain Plush - brand minty new, tag is protected inside plastic cover. - $15

There's more Pokemon stuff for sale at my ebay account HERE!
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