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Doing some cleaning and wanted to take clearer photos of part of my collection so far.

Hey guys, as the title says. :)  It's a lot of space. xD  IMG_0556



Okay so I took moarrrr photos of my main collection (horrible ones-- ill have to re-take them tomorrow when it's sunny out. )


Sorry for the mess and the non-pokemon plushies in there. xD  There's the pikachu a small  poliwhirl, a piplup STILL in it's box <3 unff. Togepiiiiii <3 unffffff.  The next one to the togepi is 3 meowths (1 hasbro one and 2 small ones) not the ones in the pics above mind you. lol

For the pikachu I have two legit 1/1 scale pikachus. One from hasbro and the other one i forgot whose it was but i know its rare. The large pikachus are actually an italy-chu(possibly a bootleg or not-- not sure), and a giant re-stuffed play-by-play pikachu. I have 3 play by play pikachus in total (the one on top of the italy-chu is actually a playby play and so is the one underneath(behind the pikachu backpack). Then there's a 1/1 pichu with its tags and everything. I was looking for 5pikachu beanies (the small ones like the one behind the poliwhirl)  but i don't really feel like ordering from seperate places to get more of the same stuff i have. xD it was just to decorate things better. I have a few new pikachus that aren't shown in the pics i posted long ago. the one with the open mouth(well there's two with open mouths-- but i am not talking about the 1/1 scale one lol).
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