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Hey guys! I'm not sure this quite counts as a "physical object" rather than straight art, but they'll be going in the mail to lemurkat for her Art Trading Card collection. :3 If it's not in accordance to the rules here, let me know and I can remove this. :3

Anyway, so I traded some ATCs with Lemurkat. :3 (Hers were the art cards that are in all my collection pics XD) They're basically laminated small card-sized pieces of artwork. :3 And terribly addicting. XD

Mirror Team ATCs for Lemurkat by ~kiohl on deviantART

And another couple of them, for fun (though it looks like they are going to lemurkat as well, in exchange for some pokemon goodies XD).

Sea Dragons ATCs by ~kiohl on deviantART

Apologies to those watching poke_arts for double posting, as I posted this there last night as well. :3

And, so this isn't completely off-topic, I totally forgot to post that I got a SKYMIN. <3 These little buggers are pretty cute. XD
Tags: glaceon, kingdra, kirlia, lapras, leafeon, seadra, skymin, sneasel
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