fluffyfurret (fluffyfurret) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New collection setup/update!


I got a new room recently, so all my pokemon moved out of my sisters room and into mine :D

Here's how it looks now ^^


Most of the pokemon aren't new, and they were in my last post, but the big Piplup is my newest addition :D I got her at Toys R Us with my own money, so now she's my most expensive and biggest pokemon XD

My dad also just got back from NYC and he visited Nintendo, so my sister and I got new pokedolls!! I got a Chespin and she got a Fennekin, they're really really adorable <33
Chespin is now sitting on top of Lillipup lol

And I went to the local anime store and got myself a Fennekin keychain, while my sister got a Squirtle. But that was after I took the pics so she's not included :(


Here's some more pics and close-ups of my closet, where I keep my pokemon and anime stuff. Stuffed animals are in other places scattered around my room XD

Close-up of most of my pokemon!

Expanded pic of my closet. I won't post it here but if anyone wants to see my small anime collection that isn't to visible in the pic let me know <3
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