Stephy Sanrio (stephysanrio) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Stephy Sanrio

EMS Oversea shipping? (Fromjapan)

Hey this is my first time using from japan and i just the charge 2 form. I was told that If i chose "unidentified" as my carrier option they will sent me all the different options that i had to ship my package along with their shipping proce.

however they only gave me this option. I need my package to be delivered the fastest way and I need it to have a tracking number. It is expensive stuff and I don't want to risk it so insurance is needed as well.

On the charge 2 form it says: "Oversea shipping"

And it doesn't mention anything about tracking. It just says that and EMS. Will this have a tracking number? How long will it take to get to me? I am in Miami FL United States. how much will it cover if I choose insurance?

Ugh I feel so lost and worries /:
I sent an email to FJ but they take forever to answer...

EDIT: When I go to my charge 2 form it says:
EMS PRICE >> insured ( ¥150 Coverage for damage ¥ANOTHER PRICE )

I'm not understanding what 150 coverage for damage means ( I am guessing that's how much it will cover? Or that's how much insurance is?

Also I see it says that I can change the price that appears on the customs, do you guys change this? I bought expensive stuff I'm worried that if I leave it as default it gets "lost" or stolen. And It says that if its too little it can get stopped by customs... I am a paranoid person when it comes to packages :(
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