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petit pumpkin pokemon: commissions welcomed!

After seeing the new Halloween themed Pokemon stuff that will be available I was inspired to make my own little halloween themed things. I figured jack-o-lanterns would be fun. Come under the cut to see them :3

I made 3 beta versions to see how easy or hard it would be. They came out pretty good (I learned I should glaze the orange area BEFORE using black paint). The pichu is less than an inch while Pikachu is slightly taller than an inch, same goes for lickilicky.
The chus are for sale (2$ for the pikachu, 1$ for the pichu or $2.50 for both).

Also I'm trying to use up my magic model clay (what I used for them) from my open pack. So I'm opening 5 spots for commissions.

Just one rule: please only commission for pokemon with SIMPLE (and preferably round) facial designs (so pokemon like munchlax not like Arceus).

****Prices vary by size.
1$ for small (pichu)
2$ for medium (pikachu/lickilicky)
3$ for big (not featured, just imagine something about 2" tall)

****Shipping: $4(internationally) shipping for up to 3 small/medium size ones. 6$ for anything bigger. I'm sorry if it sounds expensive but anything less and I'll definitely be loosing out on profit when my items are so cheap.

****Payment: paypal preferred, ask for other methods. Extra 1$ fee if you're paying with a credit card using paypal (since I often lose out when people use a credit card to pay x.x)

****Customizations: you can be more specific than simply "I want one of x". you can ask me to make the pumpkin stem either light or dark green, light or dark brown(light brown and dark green seen here). Also I own 2 different shades of orange paint (light seen here and a darker kind). I also can do inverts (black pumpkins with orange faces.

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