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Plush Commissions/Trades and New Collection Website

Hey everyone! I am up for doing some plushie commissions super soon, as I am just finishing up my to-do list! So, click the cut below to see my plushie commissions for april! (Also below: My new collection website! That's right; Fountain of Darkness is no longer being updated, and has been replaced! Read more below.)

Sales Permission granted by allinia on August 8th, 2012.


> I reserve the right not to make a plush for someone for any reason I see fit.
> They are first come first serve, for the first person to commit.
> Feel free to ask for a quote.
> Feel free to ask for progress pictures or a sketch.

> May take up to a month to finish, depending on complexity.
> That's only an estimate. Could take more if I decide to make a prototype.
> If we are doing a trade, or you have commissioned something from me at the moment, don't worry, I haven't forgotten.
> Prices in USD
> I own five cats! They mostly stay away from my stuff, though.
> Visit my deviantart for better images, and more examples

> Shipping is a flat rate of $4, but $6 international. That will be added onto the prices listed below.
> I will include paypal fees, shipping, and the price in your quote.
> They will be shipped in a bubble mailer, perhaps a box if it's too big.

> I will accept a trade for anything on my wants list.
> Link to wantslist! Click me!
> I may make multiple plushies for some of the items above!
> Some of them are really cheap and common, so it's kind of like buying one of my plushies for really cheap! I don't mind!
> I will also do custom-for-custom trades! Just give me some examples.

> For a basic fleece plushie, about 5" tall, it will be $20.
> A basic ultra cuddle plushie, about 5" tall will be $25.
> Price will go up depending on complexity, size, and style.
> I can make pokedolls, button-jointed, or proportional plushies for around the same cost.
> Please ask for a quote!!

4 Slots available ATM:
(Each slot can have multiple plushies if necessary)
(I also may add more)
1. o0vailo0o
2. creampuffoholic
3. noibatcutie
4. vulpeslagopus
5. ?

Presenting...(cue drumming noises) my new collection website... Sleepy Vulpix!

It's a completely remade version of Fountain of Darkness, that looks much better.
A lot of art is spread throughout as well!
I'll be working on taking pictures of everything over the next few weeks, so make sure you check back soon!
Thanks for reading!
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