Snowshoe (snowshoe11) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Yesterday I got My Luxray Keshipoke in the mail from a seller on Amazon. Im so afraid Im gonna lose it its so small!

for size refrence there is the shinx marble next to it

All of series 3  Keshipoke are listed on Amazon for only $7.99 ($14.98 for darkrai)
Mine came just a few days after I orderd him.Dont miss out on them you may never see these figures again once there gone! 

Here are my current Collections:

Shinx and Luxray! Thanks to pheonixxfoxx I will soon be getting the Zukan for them I aready have just the Luxray zukan figure (next to keshipoke in the picture). Im still on the hunt for a Luxray Tomy I ordered one off of ebay but sadly it got lost in the mail and the seller didnt have another D: Though luckly the seller gave me a refund.

And here are my skymins:

I got the Lotto Keychain and a few other things from happyjolteon, Including this awsome amada sticker

This is my favorite official skymin pose yet I just love this sticker

Im still on the hunt for Shinx Luxio and Luxray kids if anyone has them also looking for a Luxray tomy or any other luxrays you can sell XD
Tags: luxray, shaymin
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