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Taking offers on Dittochu + Wapz & Cardass Sales!

Hello lovely people! I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of spring. Spring has brought weeeeird weather to Hawaii, it's so windy it knocked my TCG binder off my desk when I opened the front door! o_o
We've also been getting THUNDER and LIGHTNING which is very VERY unusual for Hawaii! D:

Anywaaay, on to the Pokeymanz! :D

I'm accepting offers on my Dittochu, who's basically in perfect condition. (he's got the tiniest little black mark on the back of his tail- pics under the cut!)
More info under the cut!

Current bid on Dittochu: $16
I'll be keeping offers open until April 10th. :)


Sales Permission granted on 3/24/14by byallinia.
-ALL Pkmncollectors rules apply!
-Feel free to ask for a quote without committing, but commiting takes priority over asking for a quote!
-Must pay within 48 hours - unless we've made a special agreement.
-Minimum of 4$ purchase.
-Shipping starts at 4$ for domestic purchases - even for flats, as I will include tracking (and for flats toploaders / sleeves)
-Shipping for International purchases starts at $7.50 - Sorry, but the USPS has upped their prices. :(
-Prices do not include shipping and pp fees.
-I send packages out once a week, more if I have time.
-I do combine shipping, and I DO offer discounts on certain bulk/multiple purchases! :) <3
-I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages once sent out! I will automatically send with first class and tracking to the US, but feel free to ask for priority and/or insurance for an additional fee.
-I do accept haggling on most items, but please do not be discouraged if I pass on an offer!

Ok, so here are more pics of le Dittochu! ^_^ Offers start at $15!

Current bid on Dittochu: $16
I'll be keeping offers open until April 10th. :)

Tiniest little black bit on the tail - can probably be cleaned! :3

I also have some Wapz and Cardass for sale. These are so fun and weird! (More pics under the cut!)

Top row (Sharpedo) This is NOT a Wapz, but a Krak. $3
Second row (foils): All $5, except the two Pelippers which are $4.
Third row (glittery): All $4 except Shelgon and Snorunt are $4.5
Bottom row (normal/pearlized) $3, except Vibrava, Swablu are $3.50 and Donphan is $1.50 due to damage. See picture below!

SOLD: Swablu


BANDAI CARDASS: NOT all mint, please let me know which you'd like to know the condition of! :)
All $2, except for Gloom $2.50 and Arbok/Diglett $2.35

I still have TONS of stickers leftover from the other day too!
Click to be transported!
I'm really trying to get some sales in, so please feel free to haggle! <3
Tags: arbok, bandai, beldum, cacturne, combusken, diglett, ditto, dugtrio, fearow, gloom, kids, loudred, luvdisc, mankey, nuzleaf, paras, pelipper, pichu, pikachu, registeel, sandslash, sharpedo, shelgon, snorunt, swablu, torkoal, vibrava, victreebel, vigoroth
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