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It's The Best Day Everrrrrrr

Hello Everyone!
It feels like it's been forever since I posted here haha. Grad school's been intense. ANYWAY I have returned because today is THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!! Not only did I get a custom I've been waiting for for a while, but i got my spring swap gift too!!! Pictures are behind cuts, but here's a preview =]

I was super surprised to see a package from areica96 in my mail box today. I was her gifter for the swap, so when I saw the package from her I was like " way!". It turns out she was my gifter too! I think it's so funny that we had each other ^_^
When I opened the box I saw this note:

Sorry for the shadows xD I was too excited and wasn't paying attention!
When I saw she mentioned making a plush I was SO EXCITED! I LOVE customs! I was going to save him for last, but I'm too excited.

look at him!!!! He's so cute and perfect!! He looks like he's reaching up for a hug! Omanyte is my favorite pokemon of all time! I'm even cosplaying as him at PAX East this weekend. He never gets any merch though so I don't have much in my collection for him. I can't even handle how adorable he is with those eyes *_* ahh I could go on for hours. He even has the accent lines on his shell! He's absolutely amazing!

I thought that was it since that was already WAY better than anything I could have even thought of, but on the bottom of the box was some candy (reese's.. my favorite!) and this little guy:

He's so cute!! I can't decide if I want to put him with my char collection or put him on my backpack xD I love how he's walking! The pose is so different from all the charmander plush I have! He's super soft too ^_^

And last but definitely not least were these stickers:

They're of some of my favorite pokemon! I love how adorable omanyte is with the little heart ^_^ I think I'm going to put them up with my collection next to the plush I have of each pokemon! They're so well done and adorable! (how many times have I used adorable here?! However many it is, it is't enough!)

Thank you SO SO SO much areica96!!! This is honestly better than anything I could have ever imagined! Omanyte is sitting on my desk watching me type as I write this ^_^.

Back in December my parents kept asking me what they should get me for Christmas. They wanted to get me something that I couldn't just buy on my own. So, they decided to go halvsies with me on a custom plush! I've waited a while for him to be done (He's HUGE), and I finally got him today! He's made by Essence on Etsy. Again, her work is absolutely amazing! The detail on Karp is outstanding, and everything is sew together so well! He's perfect!

Size comparison shot:

Here's a shot of the whole family:

What an AMAZING start to the week! Not to that PAX East is this weekend! This is like the best week of my life nefjkbfjksbfdhjkbsjkbf
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