shiny_zekrom (shiny_zekrom) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SSS gets!! ^.^

Hi comm

So after a long day of work, I went to check my mail to find a mailer stuffed in it. Knowing that my new cell phone case and accessories Wont arrive until later this week, I figured it had to be my SSS gifty, and man was I right!! =D

Also, Bravey, my dear and favorite travel buddy wanted to show up on my pics bc... just bc xD

Im super happy with what I got =D . A soft, mystery snivy (I think banpresto) which I cant stop hugging (and squeezing its belly ^^; <3 )

Snivy brought companion candy which he was using as his business card when he met me xD

I also got reshy and zekky candy :-D

You will hang decoratively on my flats board =P

Next in line, is this happy guy

So teeny and cuteeeee =D

This ones, I never thought I would get. I always wanted pan stickers, but never got around to buying them due to they being overpriced or me being broke when fair prices popped up


and last, but not least, to reveal who my gifter was,

The letter!!

One side has really pretty drawings =D

and the gifter isssss....... *drumroll*

polahbear!!!! =D look at the lovely paper they used!!! <3 (flareon looks like hes approving of the note xD )

Thanks so much!! I really LOVE everything!! you were a fantastic gifter!!!
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