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Holy Grail

Today, I come to you with a very special get, almost 3 years in the making!!

So, as you may know, I collect Mime Jr. Since I joined the pkmncollectors site in 2011, I have been casually on the hunt for a very specific plush, since I first saw it in an old sales post (now defunct, as the user was banned long before I joined). For a long, long time, it was the only place I had ever seen one, and it took me a few months before I finally joined a bidding service to look for more Mimey items.

Fast forward to some time in 2012. On SMJ, I'm casually browsing through my saved search on Mime Jr. I see IT™ in a listing.

Sadly, it was BINed out from under me, and, crushed, I resigned myself to not seeing one up for sale again for at least another year. I took a break from collecting, and eased back from my nearly-daily searches to focus on other things.

Fast forward again, to almost a month ago. I'm sitting at home, it's later on in the evening, and just for giggles, I decide to browse eBay. I'm scrolling idly along when again, I see IT.™ At first, I can't believe what I'm seeing. I look over the listing, read the details, closely examine the seller--they had perfect feedback, but I was still nervous. It had only been listed recently, it may have even been that same day! And, the option was to either BIN, or send an offer. To my apprehension, I saw that an offer had been made by another eBay user. I immediately jumped in, sending offer after counter-offer to the seller, my heart hammering, and hoping, wishing, praying that I would not again have my grail slip through my fingers.

It took just a few minutes, to my surprise. I couldn't believe it when I saw illuminated green 'accepted' text. I was so shocked I couldn't even laugh, cry, or smile. I paid right at that moment, sent the seller a message detailing my thanks, and waited.

And today, after a harrowing couple of days of work and stress, I saw a box sitting just inside my bedroom door.

He arrived.


Nestled with care inside of a plastic bag, surrounded in Japanese newspaper, was my grail. My child. The item I never thought I would see again. He's beautiful. Not a mark on him, he's not even dusty!! No sun damage, no cracks or tears. I feel like I'm looking at an item just off the shelf. He even smells clean.

And he's so BIG!!!


Next to my (still unnamed Dittochu), and Casey the salamander! Aurelia the Snivy is hiding behind them. I wish my phone camera did him justice. He's absolutely gorgeous. Embroidered eyes, the pom pom is made of a slightly fluffy fabric, and his nose and button are like the material companies use to put pawpads on stuffed animals. He unfortunately cannot stand up well on his own, and he isn't made of the same velvety soft material as the UFO, but he's squishy, round, and so full of joy.

Here's a shot of his hang tag!!


I'm not sure what the text reads, but, from the info I gathered while searching for this guy, he's 1 of only 500 made. I don't think he's as sought after as, say, the Daisuki Club plush, but still, it makes me so overjoyed to finally have this guy! I'd never seen the hangtag until I saw the eBay listing, and I'm glad to say it's adorable, and almost mint, with just a couple minor creases. Not bad at all for a plush almost 10 years old, wouldn't you say? :)

To finish this post off, here's a photo with the collector!


Don't give up on your grail. You might find it in the place you expect the least. ♥

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