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Sylveon Gets (LOTS of them!)

I finally took a photo of all my gets :3 They'd been piling up and I kept waiting for the "next package" and the next before finally realizing the packages are never going to stop XD NEVER. So I bring to you today what my collection looks like as of tonight, I'm already expecting more things so I'm sure it will be different tomorrow. ALOT of full sized photos and ranting under the cut, if you'd like to see larger images just click the photos! :3

2014-04-07 22.27.15

2014-04-07 22.27.15
Here you can see my collection as a whole. It has devoured my wall, you can even see that it is starting to pour over onto the wall on the right XD I'm pretty sure eventually my small room will run out of space to hold it all >o<
2014-04-03 10.31.51
One of my absolute favorite pieces is this baby here. I finally managed to obtain a piece of Sylveon Melon pan! One was auctioned off as I would have felt guilty throwing the wrapper away, I'm sure another happy Sylveon collector appreciates theirs too :3 I ate the bread inside and it was suuuuuuper tasty. I really wish I could import a whole pallets worth, we don't have anything like this in my ittt bitty town. :<
2014-04-04 09.03.58
Next we have some clearfiles and a cloth. The blue clearfile is actually a double, it has a genesect one as well. I just folded it over so I could display the Sylveon side I liked. The happy party time one is super cute, I really wish I could use it, my problem with clearfiles is they just don't have enough support to really be functional, at least not for me. The cloth is the smaller of the 2 with similar prints, it's a cute display item, silly Pikachu squeezes is way into everything though!
2014-04-04 09.04.16
This is just so that the talky doesn't get left out of all the more detailed pics, she never seems to make it in, shame because I consider her the focal point!
2014-04-04 09.04.42
Here we have the Ensky puzzle box, my goliath of a plush Sylveon, and others. We also have the apple juice (still full, I just can't bring myself to drink it even though I want to so badly!) and cookie tin (another edible item that I really want to munch on, gahhhh Sylveon, be more disposable XD). Also have some stray figures as well as my own custom shiny repaint :3 Eventually when my collecting has died down I want to go back and re-purchase some items for more shiny goodness.
2014-04-04 09.04.31
More plush! Plush are my absolute favorite item to collect, I really hope we see more plush of her soon, like a pokedoll! Or pokepuff one like Espurr got! This is where the majority of my figures reside. I was really happy to be able to get a complete zukan for a really fair price. The friends figure is also super adoreable, though mine came defective :< She has an airbubble indent on her right ribbon (our left). I try not to let it bother me too much, but eventually I'll fix it up or trade it out for a new one. I also managed to get the cute tapes from our beloved mod allinia! They're so tiny but the tape itself is beautiful, I wish I could buy more to put on my cards and packages I ship out. Last but not least is the bus pass case. It seems like I passed up so many of these thinking I would be able to find them again only to have them dry up! I was so sad. I had to raise the price I was willing to a pay a bit but ultimately I'm glad I did as this piece is definitely a must have, it's more plush than I expected and definitely much larger!
2014-04-04 09.05.41
Underneath the main shelf is quite a bit of knick knacks and flats. Lots of stickers, charms and food! I managed to get some of the Sylveon rice seasoning (they're so cute and tiny), also managed to snag an elusive sleepy Sylveon bromide. It sparkles beautifully when the sun comes in through the window in the morning. Very happy to add them to my collection.
2014-04-07 22.26.08
Lastly but not least is more clearfiles and notebooks! I'm really happy I managed to obtain some of the earlier notebooks with these adorable images for a fair price. My favorite are the sleepy one and the gingerbread house, these just make me go d'awwww everytime. You can also see the wrapper I now proudly display from my tasty pan :3 Also snagged a bunch of stickers! I loooove these sheets, they have the vee's from the promotional short and it's all so unique compared to alot of her other artwork. Also because I haven't seen anyone else actually complete the Ensky sylveon mini-puzzle you can see it here next to the bromide and a postcard, it's so eensy weensy and the image is sort of difficult to make out. Let me tell you, putting it together was a chore!! Almost all the pieces are the same and it wasn't really a snap-to-fit sort of puzzle, the pieces shifted around alot. But it was worth it to get her up on the wall. (Also I just realized the poor backpack got the short end of the stick, it didn't really make it into a larger photo >,<)

So there you have it, there is my ever-growing Sylveon obsession collection. I really hope you enjoy my setup and photos. Don't forget to ask me anything about anything, I love helping out other collectors!

Also, shameless plug to my sales. I'm very open to offers and want these plush OUT to make room for the pink vee'. Seeing as this is no longer my main collection I'm less attached and more willing to let go.
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