soiledpoetry (soiledpoetry) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Spring Secret Swap Gets!

Hey guys! so like almost everyone else, I received my Spring Secret Swap Gets today!
i kinda missed out on last year's valentine's day swap so i'm super excited cause this was the first year i participated in the festivities.
So without further ado!

Just look at that cute little drawing of Fennekin!
This is definitely going up on my wall after it gets laminated.
Thank you so so much eilidhm5559
i was actually holding out to get this petite fennekin hoping that my spring secret swapper would get it for me :D
it's like you read my mind somehow, uncanny in the best possible way like EVER!
plus i literally just finished a bag of these mini chocolate eggs yesterday.
Thank you so so much!

And i'm heading to the post office by the end of the week so if anyone wants anything from my sales,
i'll have them shipped out pretty quickly :)
Come have a look see!
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