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collection update! c: + extra metal figures for trade!?!

Hellooooo everyone! I have a somewhat small collection update today - this morning I got my first ever box from Treasure-Japan!!! I was super super excited, so I didn't take pictures of it while I was opening the box. ^____^;

Under the cut is a overlook of my Pokemon collection! I will describe what I got from Y!J under each picture. WARNING! Very image heavy!

Newest additions is the happy face Banpresto Hoothoot! He's so adorable! Sitting snuggly on top of Togepi. <3

Here we have TROPIUS! <3 I've been wanting one for awhile, and finally got him for a decent price! And then, the big shiny fabric Shinx! HE'S SO BIG AND CUTE AND CHUBBY. <3333

Andd, of course had to get another Skitty for my Skittums shelf! She's sitting on top of my DX Skitty (her tail has a bell in it!!!) hehehe. I finally decided to stop using that adorable bag as a diaper bag, and put it up on display. <3 You can't really see, but I also got this cute Skitty keychain, who's hanging from the right side of the bag. <3

DARK DOGS. I got a DX Houndour mint in package and tag! <3 He's staying in there since I've got one of him out of package.

There he is. <3

Nothing new on my 'Yena shelf, but I'm waiting on a package containing a 'Yena, so just wait! Hehehe. <3

Ack! Here we have a copper Vulpix metal figure; as well as a gunmetal Arcanine and Growlithe. I got them in a lot of metal figures from Y!J from an awesome deal! (I have extras for trade, if you wanna take a look at the next cut! :D )

My pretty mini miscellaneous shelf<3 Nothing new here yet!

YESSSS. DX Chansey shiny fabric plush! SHE'S SO ADORABLE!!! I'm going to have to have baconscreation make me a wittle Nurse Chansey hat for her, tehehe. <3 I decided Cleffa and Miltank should join her. <3

My misc shelf with randoms<3

And my usual shelf full o' the Bulba line, who are my husband's favorite Pokemon! :D

And that's all for now! I hope you enjoyed as much as I have. <3 I'm so happy with all my gets!!!


I have these extra metal figures I don't know what to do with.. so I was wondering if someone might be interested in trades! I think I have some rare ones? If not rare, they're pretty cool to have! :D

I'd be really interested in any mercy of the Pokemon I collect, as well as anything on my wants list! Click the banner to see! Let's work something out! :D

Click the banner or here to go!

Until next time!!!
Have a great week!

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