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Spring Secret Swap Gets! :3

I actually got my package on Saturday, but I didn't get around until posting about it until now. I know I haven't been all that active on the community in awhile but I have been getting new things here and there, just never got around to posting about them.

Anyways, my exchange was from dezi_kitsune !

Here is an overview of what I got:

I got the newest Flareon Kid from last year's set, a bunch of ramune + flower kiss candies, some unova pokemon gum, the Pokebox Poochyena & Mightyena keychain set and the Kyun Chara Jolteon! They also included some dog treats for my dogs. ^^

I actually already have the PokeBox charms but I keep my set in package,with an extra I can actually display one out of the package now! I won't actually use them as a keychain though as I am a bit too worried about them falling off and getting lost. (Happened with my Full Metal Alchemist keychain in the past. :c)


My favorite item is the Kyun Chara Jolteon,thank you very much for everything! This one is noticeably bigger than the Ichiban Kuji version of Eevee that I have, so now I have three of this type of figure. (Ichiban Kuji Eevee + Oshawott, and now regular Jolteon!)

The other Flareon kid I have is the very first release, so it makes sense to have an updated one for her,doesn't it?:3

Lastly,she included a silly Hallmark card with a nice note inside. (Your writing isn't messy at all,why would you say that?o.o)

Ps: The Minion stickers were cute too, I have duct tape of them myself. lol

You really put thought into your gift,thank you Dezi!
Tags: flareon, jolteon, mightyena, poochyena

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